Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cocoa is the Best!!

It's Kim and I have a fun Cocoa card for you using All-Star Cocoa.

Living in a household of men, my family is very aware of the fact that it is football season!!!

Besides watching a continual loop of ESPN Sports Center and multiple preseason games (Go Broncos!), my teenage son is having an interesting experience.  He has recently transferred to a small Christian high school.  My husband, who also attended a small Christian school, warned my 6'4", 200 pound son that he would get the attention of all of the coaches (even though his "sport" is actually band!)  We visited the school about a month ago and, as we were touring, a gentlemen at the other end of the hallway saw us and practically ran down the hall saying, "Are you a new student?  Do you play football??" And now that my son is actually enrolled there, the teacher in his Theology class asks him every single morning, "Are you sure you don't play football?"

So I created this card for my son.  When he is having a down day - I'll bring out the card.  Inside it says, "You are the best (but are you sure you don't play football!!)"  It will make him smile...

I impressed myself a little with the pennants (I'm easily impressed).  I tend to take stamps at face-value...a postage cancellation stamp is a postage cancellation stamp. this case, the curves on the postage cancellation stamp from Vintage Postcard became the folds on the pennants!!

I also brought out my favorite basic set - Grunge Borders - to do the diamonds on the green panel.

(All other details are on my blog.)



Marlena M. said...

You SHOULD be impressed, Kim. The pennants look festive and beautiful!

Jennie said...

Adorable card Kim! Love the colors and funny about your son :)

merrymstamper said...

aaaackk!! Cute card! love all the extras you stamped on the pennant, the is smart!

Berni Cuttino said...

Cute image, love, perfect for your son. Thanks for the sweet visit and luv. Hugs