Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Reflection of Our Creator

Oh wow--  What a happy dance it's been, to show off some of my favorite Sweet 'n' Sassy stamp sets!  Many, many thanks for inviting me to be guest designer for May.

I saved this one for my last post.  This sentiment from Grunge Elements sums up my feeling for paper crafting.  If my projects show talent, then God gets the glory, I get the fun and others (hopefully) get some encouragement and enjoyment.  The image shows another one of my playgrounds:  math.  In particular, geometry.  Can you see the radial symmetry and pattern of the hexagons within a hexagon?  I built it by using a negative hexagon die cut to guide the placement of each of the inverted hexagons from Shape Up stamp set.  I used a rainbow of colors, symbolizing God's promises.

For all that, I kept it clean and simple.

Thanks again, and blessings on us all!


Bridget said...

Brenda, I not only love the design of this beautiful card, but I love the thought and symbolism behind it - I believe that our creativity is part of being made in God's image, and that's why we find so much joy in it! Your card is joyful!

Susie said...

I absolutely agree with Bridget. Brenda, your designs have been wonderful and I know the time has gone by quickly. You've always been an encouragement to me and I'm sure others as well. And, talent? Oh yeah, you've got a lot of God given talent! So glad you've share it here.

Ceal said...

What a beautiful card, love the fun bright colors and the fact that the sentiment tells we are all created in the image of God and wow isn't He creative!