Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thankful.....for Everything

{jane bosi} Hello, Sweet Friends!

I recently purchased this set, Thankful Blooms, and matching dies.  And, then became completely uninspired--total loss of mojo....does that ever happen to you?  What do you do during those creative-less times?

For me, the spark came back through play.  Oh, what we can learn from the littlest of children.  Their whole world is about playing.  Learning and play are just one thing.  Wouldn't it be great for us, as adults, to embrace the same concept?

I'm always interested to see what I can make things do.  How my colors work together, alone and with water.  So, I started with water color paper, three shades of distress ink, some sponge applicators and...because the pipette from THIS TUTORIAL was still sitting on my desk, a pipette and some water.

The key to the water splatter omit, is to add the splash before the inks have a chance to dry--which is oddly different since, I feel like I am ALWAYS waiting, impatiently, for something to dry before moving to the next step.  This is a refreshing change.

The blues are more vibrant in real life and only required a bit of piercing and a colorful flower to pull it all together.  Naturally, I added a few rhinestones because......everyone needs a little sparkle every once in a while.

That's all for me today!  Don't forget to be awesome!  TTFN Jane


Rosy Newlun said...

Jane, you created a beauty! It IS different to splatter water before waiting for it all to dry :) AND you pierced that perfect circle? Applause for you! This is truly filled with vibrant color. Great job!

Nancy Thomas said...

Beautiful and striking card! Thanks for the tip on the splotching - I can never seem to get mine right!