Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Clean Heart...

{jane bosi}  Happy Thursday, Sweet Friends! 

Little by little, my scripture Rolodex is taking shape!  Psalm 51:10 is one of my favorite scriptures.  Once I received Words of Life, Collection One, I knew just what I would make first!  To complete the card, I also used Worship the Lord and Words of Life, Common Words One.  ( I love that the Words of Life are labeled ONE.....more to come, I sure hope!)

While I love to stamp, my scripture Rolodex is a different kind of "love" and different kind of stamping.  It's such a personal and intimate project---the one thing I stamp that is completely for me!!

What unique things are you doing with your Scripture Stamps?

Be Blessed....and, awesome!  TTFN-Jane


Nancy said...

LOVE this project! :o)

Sue G. said...

Oh my I love this idea!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I have recently started stamping 2" x 3.5" cards with all of my scripture stamps to create an index of which scriptures I have in stamps and to use as a memorization tool as well. I am also working on creating a stash of cards for my daughter to give to church members as needed. My son-in-law will be taking a position as pastor in January and she will be for the first time, a "pastor's wife".

#!PinkLady said...

I love love love this project!!!! Great idea.....Make it personal to fit you!!!! Awesome....God Bless and Merry Christmas!!!!!!