Monday, October 12, 2015

Baby Gift Bag Tutorial

Hello Sweet 'n Sassy Peeps!

Jenny here with a quick and easy baby gift
bag using the stamp set Little One.
This stamp set is just super sweet and
I love the sentiment.

I don't always have baby gift wrap or bags
stored away, so I thought it would be fun
to make my own. You could use the bag to 
include your gift or even use a smaller bag to hold
party favors at a baby shower.  This bag just
 happens to be an over sized lunch bag.  
I have a sixteen year old boy I pack lunches for.
Need I say more?!  Lol!

Okay...let's get started.
Here are the very basic supplies you will need,
plus whatever inks you choose.

I choose some pinks and a purple for my bag.
You may want to test the colors out on
another bag first.  The color always looks
different stamping on Kraft like paper.

I folded the bottom of the bag down so
I could eye ball where I wanted my images
to go.  Folding it down also keeps the bag
out of your way while stamping.

Now would be a good time to tuck in
the goodies in your bag.  If you forget to
add something, no worries, this easily can
be opened back up.

Next, take a large doily and fold it in half.  
Set it aside and fold the top of the paper bag 
toward the back.  Unfold the doily so half
 covers the front of the bag and the other the back.  
Then punch each end of the center of the
 doily through the folded bag.

Slide each end of the ribbon from the back to
the front and tie in a bow.  If you happen
to have a fun clothespin, attach that through
 the center of the bow.

You can find the supplies I used for my gift
bag up on my blog, and the link for the Little One
stamp set below.

Hope you find time in your day 
for some crafty-ness!



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merrymstamper said...

Sweet gift packaging idea!! Love it!